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Anime SeriesEdit

357magnum VHScover

357 Magnum (a.k.a. A Magnum of Love's Destination)

A man ends up assassinated right in front of Saeko at Narita Airport and the murderer is singled as the 'Red Shinigami'. However, it turns out that the murderer is in fact an intelligence officer, Helzen from East Gariera. Protected by his special diplomatic rights, the police could not proceed with action against him.
On the other hand, a talented pianist, Nina, from West Gariera shows up at Cat's Eye Cafe with a request, looking for a father whom she has not seen before or know his name. It turns out that he is no other than Helzen. Things get complicated when Nina's grandfather cum manager abducts him and Ryo offers to help. As things get confrontational among men, Nina's performance reaches its climax...
Magnum1  Magnum2  Magnum3

BayCityWars VHScover

Bay City Wars

In a corner of Tokyo Bay lies the completion of a futuristic city, Bay City. On one hand, Kaori and Miki attend the inauguration of the hotel. On the other, an autocrat of the Costello Republic, General Gilliam, with his daughter, shows up as well, with revenge plans of his own.  With the nuclear missile system at their hands, the police and the American forces could only rely on Ryo and Umibozu to face this threat.
Baycity2  Baycity1
MillionDollarConspiracy VHScover 「百万ドルの陰謀」(1990)

Million Dollar Conspiracy (a.k.a. Plot of a $1,000,000)

A belle named Emily shows up from L.A, seeking bodyguard services from Ryo. Her identity however is proven to be a CIA investigator, who is on pursuit of Douglas, wanting revenge on him who killed her older brother.

On one hand, a conspiracy is hatched by an internal CIA double agent. On the other, Kaori is held hostage by Douglas. As the identity of the double agent is revealed, Ryo goes all out to save Kaori despite knowing its snare. In the moment of truth, the trigger of fate is drawn...
Million1  Million2

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TV SpecialsEdit

  1. The Secret Service
  2. Goodbye My Sweetheart
  3. Death of the Vicious Criminal Saeba Ryo


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