This category divides the anime series according to the succession of TV series and TV Specials.

TV Series
City Hunter 1 spanning 51 episodes
City Hunter 2 spanning 63 episodes
City Hunter 3 spanning 13 episodes
City Hunter '91 spanning 13 episodes
TV Specials
SecretService VHSCover

The Secret Service (ザ・シークレットサービス)

An intriguing request appears as the presidential candidate from Guinam Republic visits Japan. His request to City Hunter is to protect his bodyguard, Anna Shinjo, who is actually his daughter and currently targeted by someone from his past. 
GoodbyeMySweetheart VHSCover

Goodbye, My Sweetheart  (グッド・バイ・マイ・スイート・ハート)

A mysterious terrorist dubbed as the "Professor" shows up in Japan to challenge the Japanese police. On the other hand, Ryo and Kaori receives a request from an actress to search for her elder brother who went missing thirteen years ago. An outrageous game begins in the city of Shinjuku.
EndofRyoSaeba VHScover

Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba (凶悪犯冴羽リョウの最期)

For the first time in four months and three days, a request arrives! This time, it's a a call from a popular caster from Megacity TV, who is targeted by a killer called  Mad Dog.
Synopsis Source: translated from Sunrise JP

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