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Cat's Love, pronounced as Cat's Eye (キャッツ・愛, Kyattsu Ai) is a 2010 Japanese manga series written by Sakura Nakameguro, as a remake of Tsukasa Hojo's original Cat's Eye manga. It began publication in the debut issue of Tokuma Shoten's Monthly Comic Zenon anthology, which was published on October 25, 2010. It was serialized until January 25, 2014, completing up to eight tankōbon volumes.

The Japanese word "Love (愛)" is pronounced as "ai", which is a double entendre pun to Tsukasa's original title while also featuring Ai Kisugi as the main character.

Compared to the original series, the main location is set at Kichijōji while the gadgets, target info and heist locations remain the same. The hairstyles and costumes of the Kisugi sisters are rearranged in the same bondage fashion as the 1997 live-action film, instead of the usual leotards from the manga. The plot depicts the sisters now as antiheroes as the sisters have completed their theft objectives.


2 years prior, the Kisugi sisters a.k.a. the Cat's Eye phantom thieves have completed their mission in taking back their father's art masterpieces and resume to their regular lives.

Meanwhile at present day, Ai Kisugi, who is now a college student cannot stand down to see others close to her in trouble, especially to not overlook criminals taking up their former aliases to commit crimes.


Cafe Cat's Eye[]

  • Ai Kisugi: The youngest of the sisters, and the main character.
  • Rui Kisugi: The eldest of the sisters.
  • Hitomi Kisugi: The second eldest of the sisters. Initially she donned her persona again to confront the imposters, she becomes more reluctant to take up the cats' mantle again and hopes for a regular life with her family more than anyone. In this series, her boyfriend, Toshio Utsumi was never mentioned meaning he doesn't exist in this series.
  • Sadatsugu Nagaishi: An old friend of the sister's father and their behind-the-scenes support. This series portrays him a bit younger and thinner.

Support Characters[]

  • Kei Narumi: A magazine reporter, and one of the sisters' cafe regulars.
  • Yui Narumi: Kei's sister, a high school student.


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