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For the main series of the same name, see Cat's Eye.

The Cat's Eye Cafe (喫茶キャッツアイ, Kissa Kyattsu Ai) is the fictional background location featured in most Tsukasa Hojo's works.

Cat's Eye series[]

Original series[]

Owned by the Kisugi sisters which serves as the Cat's Eye thieves' base of operations.

2010 manga[]

Located in Kichijōji. The interior layout remains the same as the original manga, but the seating and exits were rearranged.

City Hunter series[]

City Hunter XYZ[]

The cafe is owned by Toshio Utsumi and Hitomi Kisugi.

Original series[]

Owned by Miki, and Umibozu.

Angel Heart[]

Owned by Umibozu. Liu Xing Hong later employes there. The windows are bulletproof glass.