Azusa Nakayama

Azusa Nakayama (中山 梓 Nakayama Azusa) is a writer and research for her new book. To capitalize the crime very realistic, they would in the " underworld look "something. Her publisher deems risky and committed Kaori Makimura and Ryo Saeba to Azusa's protection. Azusa would have preferred hired undisturbed investigation, but they both hang on her like barnacles. By Ryo, Azusa is less enthusiastic, for his constant flirting Azusa to a boil and she has him right in his place. Azusa is very ambitious and is strongly opposed when someone interferes in their affairs, otherwise they get angry outbursts. To achieve their goal, they will sometimes the unconventional path and bring themselves in danger. Sometimes is Aszua curiosity in person and know exactly what questions to ask, they must, no matter how uncomfortable it is for the respondent. When she is first in her writer-Elan, another encounter with her ​​on deaf ears and for that she gets her stubborn. With the " most dangerous assassins in the world " that was said by Umibozu, Azusa has an interview. To meet the deadline, she fled and Ryo's watchful eyes. Ryo but she could not hang out and told him proudly from the planned meeting with Umibozu. Azusa compresses Ryo but together again properly, so he was not thinking in between the interview.After the conversation, it turns out that Umibozu is a fan of Azusa and this is honored a bit when she is asked for an autograph from him.

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