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Azusa Gotou (後藤 梓 Gotō Azusa) is a minor character of City Hunter series. She is a zoology lecturer in North Tokyo University and an animal protection movement activist. She is a daughter of Hiroki Gotou, a president of Gotou Shipping company.


Azusa has chest-length dark-colored hair that has bangs swept to the right side and light-colored eyes.

She wears three different outfits:

  • Her casual outfit consists of jacket and jeans.
  • She is seen in an evening dress during a party.
  • She wears a dress at work.



Azusa Gotou in trouble

Azusa Gotou is in trouble

Ryo Saeba is returning home after drinking all night. He sees a young woman clinging to a balcony, who asks Ryo to help her, and falls after that right on Ryo. She tells him that she was observing an Asian house martin nest and that she has finished her observations. Ryo persistently asks her to hang out with him. The woman encourages Ryo to put his money to a donation box. When Ryo does that, she happily informs him that he just made a donation to the animal relief fund. While Ryo is struck with surprise, the woman kisses him on the cheek, and rides away on her bike.

Act 1[]

Kaori Makimura and Ryo go to their next job. Kaori informs Ryo that his new client is Hiroki Gotou, a president of Gotou Shipping company. They meet him at the company's party. He tells them that he needs a bodyguard for his daughter Azusa. Gotou tells them that a couple of days ago he received a threatening letter saying that she will be kidnapped soon. Gotou points to his daughter, and Ryo recognizes her because she was the one he met some time earlier. Ryo introduces himself to Azusa, and Azusa is surprised to meet Ryo again. Ryo tells her he is surprised as well to find out that Azusa is a girl who is selflessly raises money for animals. Azusa replies that it's natural obligation for her since she is a biology lecturer. Ryo attempts to make a move on Azusa, saying that she has a lot of different faces, and each of them is really charming. Azusa rejects his advances, exclaiming that currently her thoughts is fully preoccupied with the animals. Saeba tries to make his move again, only to be hit by Kaori's justice hammer. Ryo yells at Kaori that this is dangerous, and Kaori yells that Saeba should remember that he is Azusa's bodyguard. Azusa asks her father if Ryo is really her bodyguard. After he confirms that, Azusa reminds him that yesterday she said that she doesn't need any bodyguards. She yells at Saeba and warns him not to touch her. Ryo asks Azusa about what is wrong. She angrily repeats that she doesn't need a bodyguard. Ryo thinks that it's quite strange that just hearing about bodyguard makes Azusa agitated.

Act 2[]

Azusa lies on her bed at her home. Suddenly she hears scratching and meowing coming from a window. Azusa comes to window and encounters Ryo dressed as a cat. He introduces himself as a black cat bodyguard, and asks Azusa to let him in. In response Azusa hits Ryo with a cactus, which causes him to fall down. Kaori asks Ryo about was he thinking. Ryo answers that since Azusa likes animals, he thought that Azusa would let him in his cat's disguise.

On the other day, Azusa wakes up, and hears sparrow chirping. Azusa is surprised that sparrows are so noisy, and it occurs to her that this can be Ryo. But she finds out that it's just really just some sparrows. Suddenly Azusa hears Saeba's voice asking her what's is wrong, and she answers that it's nothing. Azusa realizes that Ryo came to her without being invited, and she angrily asks Ryo what is he doing in her apartment. Ryo tells her that he got to her apartment through a door. Azusa exclaims that this is impossible since she locked her door. Ryo answers that such lock is not a problem for him. Saeba asks Azusa if she still thinks that she doesn't need a bodyguard. Azusa pushes Ryo out of a window, causing him to fall down, yelling that she will just add more locks to the door. Ryo tells to Kaori says that Azusa is a quite headstrong person. Kaori suggests Ryo to forget about this case. Saeba answers that this case is quite suspicious, and he has an uneasy feeling about it.

Act 3[]

Azusa Gotou at work

Azusa at the university

Azusa is finishing her lecture at North Tokyo University. She announces to students that they need to submit their reports next week. Then she asks if anyone has any questions. However, she hears an obscene question asked by a person who turn to be Ryo Saeba himself. Azusa yells at him and asks him what he is doing at the university. Ryo responds that he knew that Azusa had graduated from North Tokyo University with degree in biology, that she specializes in animal ecology, and that she works as zoology lecturer at the same university. Azusa is surprised that Saeba knows so much about her. Ryo comments that this is a part of his work since he must learn everything about the person he is protecting. Azusa angrily exclaims that she never agreed on Ryo being her bodyguard, and she doesn't care about what her father said. Ryo says that Azusa still has no idea that she is in danger. Azusa reluctantly agrees to accept Ryo services on condition that he would help her with her work and that he won't stand in her way.

Act 4[]

Ryo and Azusa agitate people on the street to donate to the animal relief fund. Ryo is not happy about that job since it reminds him of Kaori forcing him to hand out their advertisement flyers. However, he honestly does his job, even managing to persuade one little girl to donate to the fund. Saeba becomes happy about that, and he wants to share his emptions with Azusa. But she already got on her bike, and tries to ride away, saying to Ryo that she has no time to waste with him. But Ryo manages to get on her bike too. He warns her that he will follow her anywhere. Azusa and Ryo ride to a private zoo called Jinbo Zoo. Azusa tells Saeba that she suspects that Jinbo Zoo buys more endangered animals than they need in order to sell some of them to some rich people for the purposes of an illegal hunting. Azusa added that she was unable to meet the zoo's director as well earlier, but she will definitely meet him today.

Azusa and Ryo come to Jinbo Zoo's gate, and a guard refuses to let them in. Azusa quarrels with a guard, and the latter tries to attack her, only to be incapacitated by Ryo. Azusa is astonished with Ryo's actions, and Ryo says that he won't allow anyone to hurt Azusa. Other guards rush to attack Azusa and Ryo, and Saeba knocks down all of them. Azusa angrily slaps Ryo, yelling that now they are the ones who used violence. She exclaims that Ryo has ruined her plan, and that she doesn't want Ryo to follow her around anymore.

Act 5[]