Angel Heart (エンジェル・ハート, Enjeru Hāto) is a manga series written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo. The story takes place in a parallel continuity from City Hunter, where Kaori Makimura is killed and her heart transplanted into Xiang Ying, the series' protagonist.

Published in the Weekly Comic Bunch from 2001 throughout 2010, it was renewed in Monthly Comic Zenon under the title of Angel Heart: 2nd Season after the cancellation of Bunch.

An animated television series based on the manga aired in Japan from October 3, 2005 to September 25, 2006, lasting 50 episodes.


The protagonist is Glass Heart, a former assassin who has remained in a coma in Taiwan for a year after a heart transplant has awakened. Haunted by images of her past as well as people whom she has no recollection of, she begins her investigation and travels back to Shinjuku for answers. There, she meets 'City Hunter' Ryo Saeba and the story follows her as she continues to move on with a normal life.

(There are substantial factual differences between the two series, such as the origins of Ryo as City Hunter, Kaori and Ryo's relationship, the circumstances of Hideyuki's death, and that several main characters previously present in City Hunter are not present in Angel Heart.)

Main CharactersEdit

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Li Jian Qiang (李堅強)
  • Li Jian De (李謙德)
  • Chief Chen (陳侍衛長)
  • Hideo Mochiyama (餅山秀夫)
  • Doc (ドク)
  • Tomoko (智子)
  • Miki( ミキ)
  • Hideyuki Makimura( 槇村秀幸)
  • Yang Fang Yu (楊方玉)


  • While the series takes place in the same universe as City Hunter, they share some of the same characters.
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