Akemi Tezuka

Akemi Tezuka (手塚 明美 Tezuka Akemi) is of the victims that Ryo Saeba has saved when her three men wanted to come too close. She then follows Ryo and has committed itself to want to marry him. Akemi believes in her horoscope and according to the star Ryo is the right thing for them. What she wants, even before Akemi eyes - The wedding will be celebrated in June exactly on her birthday. She wants two children from Ryo, and even has the appropriate name in mind. From the time, Akemi Ryo always calls "darling". For fun gets Akemi one ring of Ryo in the form of a can ring and makes his escape. But Akemi already have an idea how their favorite finds. Akemi is a model and unknowingly Ryo's next job, Kaori Makimura has worried. With all the makeup recognizes Ryo Akemi not at first glance. Only the tin ring on her finger and as Akemi the makeup wiped off, it dawns on Ryo. The modeling is really not your dream job, but her passion is to photography ( even according to her horoscope ). Out of curiosity, how it feels to stand as a model for the camera, she took the job. This resulted in a contract they had signed, and the agency had to market before it in show business. Akemi wanted to get out of the contract and came up with the bright idea that marriage would free them from the contract. Recently, Akemi also gets hate mail and it is smaller pile accidents on the set. Behind the sender plugged - X person . Ryo Akemi decides to want to protect your home. Akemi lives of a large apartment with her ​​younger brother Atushi . He watches over Akemi that their men do not move too close to the fur. Akemi is committed to a stop and Ryo is on hand to protect her.

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